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Standing With Stakeholders
March 12, 2014
Everywhere With You
April 29, 2014
Show all is presently a WordPress Blog Site designed to bring you an outline of the CC Project.  In times to come, while this site may look and function -at the local public level- much the same as it does today, however the “back end” will grow dramatically as more communities are added.   This mandate anticipates the development of what is known as a “Database Driven Application” to respond to queries received from both online computers and mobile devices.  Each new community that desires to become part of the Project, will receive an interactive “slice of the pie”, rather than an isolated data set of their own.  Further, as CommunityCrossroads expands from one region to the next, we anticipate the necessity of leasing “mirrored servers” or engaging “the cloud” to assure that data retains resiliency, user security, and high-speed update ability.

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