We are Community Crossroads

Thank you for your interest and support in helping us build COMMUNITY CROSSROADS. Our aim is to find new ways to facilitate working together better to take care of our own in as timely manner as possible.

You will see that this COMMUNITY CROSSROADS WEBSITE AND APP is- simply- a set of LISTS:

Why The Give Page

We - as a For-Profit Business(LLC) will contribute the "Lion's Share" of any profit beyond our expenses to the support of those Service Organizations who are actively helping others.

If you are (wish to be) a Business SPONSOR, your use of our GIVE page to transfer to Community Crossroads is 100% tax deductible, because you are buying Advertising for your Commercial Business, and are -if approved - eligible to be listed here as a BUSINESS SPONSOR.

All listings on our website and app are solely intended to be useful in find assistance to meet any real and present need being experienced by individuals, families, and Service Organizations in the Rutherford County area. All listings are Alphabetical, and list position is not meant to imply favor or preference of one agency or organization over another. Community Crossroads can make no claim of effectiveness, duration, nor assume any liability for any of the services offered by Agencies, Organizations or Businesses through our Website or Smart Phone App.

NOTE: Please let us know if you would like to become a Community Crossroads CHAPTER MEMBER - to participate on a Steering Committee/Clearing House Group - to assist and guide our development, assure that our resulting COMMUNITY CROSSROADS FUND is accurately recorded and reviewed monthly, and deployed among applicants for assistance in a fair and equitable manner, to effectively help address local individual and family needs as they arise.

Thank you for your interest and supportive conversation. We welcome your constructive thinking and look forward to hearing from you.

Best always,

Thom Christy, Coordinator

Our Team